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Looking at Starting A Basement Remodel

remodeled basement
The basement is an area of many homes that no one likes to venture into. Most people associate basements with being haunted, spooky and dark. Today’s basements are no longer those old, dungeon-like spaces below. Most are having basements converted into functional rooms of the home. Bedroom conversions are popular these days because there are more families merging in with one another as the space in a home becomes limited. One of the most important aspects of basement remolding is the dryness in them. A red flag is thrown up for basements that have water damages. Damages usually get into the walls and the floors which cannot be renovated. The ground should be sloped in order for water to run away from the foundation of the home. Gutters and proper downspouts are also crucial to where the water goes as that affects the foundation and basement too. Waterproofing materials are available at any home improvement store. The foundation should be coated with this material in order to prevent and keep water from ruining the basement interior. 

Basement Remodeling Steps

Walls need to be constructed next. There is absolutely no need for a bedroom if there is no privacy. Walls are able to serve as dividers and can have a door attached, using hinges, to make it look like a separate entity of a room. Drywall experts are available to professionally do the job. They have the ability to hang new walls in the basement. They are also the ones who can anchor the walls to the ground without causing any damages. Wiring is something that not everyone excels in. But it is one of the most important parts of a basement remodel. Extra wiring may be needed in order to accommodate lights and appliances that will be in the newly construed bedroom.

Lighting should be the next consideration that is made because basements are not known for being the brightest rooms in the house. There’s a lot of different lighting designs that can brighten the room.
Most of the time basements have grid ceilings that expose the wiring and upper floor underlayer. They do not have a definite ceiling that encloses the space. The drywall can be boxed in so the exposed wiring and plumbing can be hidden.
Noise needs to be minimized. It all depends on where the basement is located. Extra layers of drywall can be added to soundproof the room. Sound cannot travel through over to the next layer this way. Insulation can help stop the spread of noise just as well as it can retain the heat inside of the basement area. This is why it’s important to pick out the proper insulation and have it installed expertly.

Your Guests will be Floored

Flooring is next. Once everything is completed, the flooring should be one of the last upgrades, besides the furniture, that goes into the room. There are several types of flooring that can be beneficial to a basement floor:

  • Carpeting
  • Hardwoods
  • Vinyl
  • Ceramic
  • Laminated

Moisture will get into through the floors because no matter what, it is still the basement. The concrete slabs should be covered with a plastic sheeting that can reduce the chances of any water coming up. Bedrooms amenities such as the actual mattress and a place to store clothes are important to that space. Closets can be made from the existing material left over or bins can be used to safely store items.
In order to see what size mattress will fit into the bedroom, figure out the dimensions of the room and how it will get into that room. Since the basement is located downstairs, there are normally two ways to get in: from the upstairs and access from the basement side.
More homeowners are turning to their basements these days than ever because more people are merging to try and save money during the downturn in the economy. Many homes without lots of room upstairs often have large basement areas.

A basement remodel can be a great venture for creating a bedroom for extra family members. There are many basement design ideas available. That’s because the basement is an open area with lots of space to create. Call a local remodeling company for details on their basement remodeling services.