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Should I Replace, Repair, or Restore My Bathroom Fixtures During Remodeling?

bathroom remodeling fixturesSometimes it isn’t easy to know whether it’s best to repair, replace, or restore something that belongs to you. You have considerations in cost foremost in your mind because you know that there are times when it’s better to go ahead and replace something because it would cost just as much to fix or restore it, especially when it comes to remodeling your bathroom.

Your bathroom fixtures, like your bathtub, shower, commode, sink, and tiled areas can all be repaired and restored for much less than it would take to replace them. If you have unsightly tiles surrounding your bathtub, shower walls that grout is missing from, chips in your porcelain sink, and a tub that’s worn and now absorbs every stain it can, let us help you fix the problems without having to replace and remodel your entire bathroom!

The Benefits of Resurfacing Your Bathtub Instead of Replacing

Resurfacing your bathtub can be the right choice if the tile and the wall behind the tile are still in good shape and all you want to do is update the color. Choose to refinish over replacing! An added benefit to refinishing wall tile around the bathtub or in the shower is that it seals the grout lines so water can’t get past the grout anymore. Broken grout leads to moisture problems in the wall and leads to mold and mildew growth which can be extremely bad for everyone in the household.

Refinishing Your Fixtures Offers You Years More Durability

The refinishing coatings used by professionals are impact resistant, high gloss, chemical and water resistant.  Because top quality coatings are used, the surface of your bathroom fixtures will be durable and long-lasting.  When only top quality coatings are used, many repairs or refinishing companies can offer a 5 year or more warranty on workmanship and product durability, which means you’ll be enjoying an excellent new surface in optional new colors for your new decorating scheme.

Be Sure You Choose A Reputable Remodeling Company

When you’re looking for the right remodeling company who can refinish, resurface, restore, or repair your bathtub, shower, tile, sink, or commode, you’ll want to find one who focuses on premium customer service, has a Satisfaction Guarantee, and lives up to what they say they will.

A professional remodeler who can restore your fixtures with expertise is set apart from the competition. Satisfied customers lead to a good name and solid reputation, so be sure to research the comments and recommendations from others.

Your chosen remodeling company should be able to provide you with plenty of examples of their previous work and some references you can call. Contact them for more information and require the remodeling company to give you an upfront, written estimate regarding your remodeling project.

The Pleasures of Like-New Bathtubs, Showers, Sinks, Tile, & More

Bathing is a very pleasurable experience that relaxes the whole body, giving a person a chance to rest and cleanse themselves at the same time.

Sinking into a hot bath for a period of time allows you to relax and have a quiet moment of peace. However, for many of us, we wouldn’t think about submersing ourselves in the tub we have now. Old, stained tubs are hard to want to bathe in, so many just wind up using the shower.

But with refinishing, the way your bathtub looks can add to the enjoyment of your bathing experience just as it can detract from the experience if the bathtub needs repair. If your bathtub is cracked or chipped and looks unsightly, it can take away from the peace and relaxation of your bath time.

Giving your bathtub a different look doesn’t mean that you should buy a brand new one. Buying a new tub can be very expensive where with a little imagination you can have your surfaces refinished to give it that brand new look. In turn, this results in a more pleasurable bathing experience for everyone in the household

Refinishing your bathtub can be a little tricky. So when refinishing your bathtub, consider giving your bathtub refinishing over to the experts. Calling someone with experience is definitely a good idea when it comes to getting the most out of your money, and ensures your fixtures are in good hands.