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Tips for Great Results From Your Remodeling Project

tips great results remodeling

A remodeling project is a big job to take on, but it can also be an enjoyable one. Whether you are doing a single room, like bathroom remodeling, or if you re renovating your entire home – the last thing you want is to have anything go wrong which can result in delays and costly mistakes. In order to try to prevent that from happening, there are some things to keep in mind.

For starters, as simple as it sounds, you need to plan ahead. It may seem like basic, common sense but you would be surprised how many homeowners think they can plan as they go along. Part of planning includes having a budget in place. These two steps are the blueprints for tackling a remodeling project so make sure that whatever professional you work with that they are also as adamant about devising a plan and a budget, and then sticking to it.

Thinking of the big picture and long term results also help you to have great success. For instance, while some options may cost a little more, they could have long term beneficial results. A decision most homeowners face during renovating now is considering green, or eco-friendly, options. Neglect to make this upgrade and you are likely to regret it fairly quickly. Invest a little bit more into opting for these improvements and you will love the results, increase your property value and be able to save on your monthly utility expenses since your home will be more energy efficient.

Realize the importance of having a detailed contract in place. The contract should explain what is included, the start date, the proposed end date and the projected and agreed upon price. If you and your contractor agree to anything else, you should document that in the contract and both parties need to initial these changes. The last thing you need is to end up with resulting legal disputes over your residential remodeling project, so make sure you get everything in writing that is going into your home project.

Also, make sure you fully understand what you are getting yourself into. Although every homeowner claims that they fully grasp the severity of the project, usually about half way through they admit they had no idea how intensive it would be. For anywhere from a month to several months, maybe even a year or more for full house renovations, your home will be in state of chaos, with workers coming and going. So if you still think you can pull off having your in-laws visit while the kitchen is torn apart and the water and electricity will often be turned off, you need to be more realistic about the severity of the project.

That being said, it is a good idea to have a back up plan in action. If you are working on the kitchen, have at least a mini fridge and microwave in another area to use as a temporary one. Make sure that you have a second bathroom that is working when remodeling the other one. If you are going to be having a full home remodeling project going on, you may want to simply make other plans for living arrangements until the project is done.

Another tip that sounds obvious but often gets overlooked is packing up valuables during the process. There is no reason to put your valuables at risk of theft or damage while this type of work is going on, especially if all you have to do is relocate them for the time being. If you have a lot to worry about or lack the space necessary to store these items, consider renting a storage unit for the time being; better to be safe than sorry.

Of course, you also want to do research on the contractor you are considering. They should have a minimum of three years of stable and reputable performance as a company and should have at the least the minimum required by your state to do the type of work required for your job. Plus, make sure that who you hire is who will be there on the site. The last thing you want is to get a good felling about the contractor and then find out it will only be his crew doing the work, unsupervised by him or her, because then you are basically back to being unsure of the results you will get.