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Residential Carpentry and Painting in Lawrence, KS

The Ranch Way Townhomes in Lawrence were overdue for a new paint job, and the property manager did the right thing by calling Absolute Painting in to do the repairs and painting. The sheet siding was rotting along the bottom of most of the seams, so we sealed them in with a urethanized specialty caulk and “banded” them with 10″ smart trim. We also replaced and repaired softening trim boards as necessary, and went over each building to ensure that all of the nail holes and seams were sealed and repaired properly. We painted the siding with Sherwin Williams Super Paint exterior latex satin. On the trim and accent colors we used Resilience satin to increase the coverage and durability of the new paint coating on the problematic trim boards.

Now, we look forward to working with you and providing you with the same level of first-rate service. Because that’s what you deserve. We provide high quality full service painting both inside and out. From the initial color consultation to the clean up we work with YOU! Get in touch with us today in order to get started with your project.

Completed by:
1611 St. Andrews Drive
Lawrence, KC 66047
Phone: 785-979-0700

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Lawrence, KS